My Goal As A Nutritional Coach

My objective with nutritional coaching is to give you the tools for lifelong sustainable success. I hope to provide you with all of the knowledge and science based evidence necessary so that one day you will be able to continue tracking your macros independently.


Let me help you reach your goals.

What You'll Learn

How To:

  • weigh your food

  • enter your food into a tracking app

  • hit your daily macro targets within 5 grams

  • incorporate the foods you love into your diet

  • enjoy a dinner out with friends and family and still hit your macro targets

  • track and enjoy alcohol

  • reverse diet

  • go through the different diet phases: reverse, maintenance, and cutting (weight loss)

  • manipulate your macros through substitutions, carb cycling, and low days and high days

What You'll Receive

  • macronutrient ratios tailored to you and your goals

    • weight loss​

      • adipose tissue decrease​

    • lean body mass 

      • fitness, bodybuilding, and bikini competitions​

    • athletic performance 

      • fuelling ​your body correctly

      • game day vs training day vs rest day nutrition

  • video tutorials

  • progress checks

    • as a team, we will monitor your daily progress​

    • as a team, we will make sure you are hitting your targets and staying on track

  • weekly adjustments according to your needs

    • depending if you are in a reverse, cutting, or maintenance phase, as a team we will make the necessary adjustments to your macro ratios to help you achieve your goals

  • answers to any of your fitness and nutrition questions via

    • email​

    • skype

    • facetime

    • text


I will be there for you every step of the way.

Being Realistic

Seeing results takes time. This is not a "drop 10 lbs in 10 days" gimmick, quick fix, or a cookie cutter meal plan; it is a lifestyle. Forming new habits takes time.

The majority of people will need to start with a reverse diet phase. They are already consuming too few calories and this will make a cutting phase extremely hard and in some cases near impossible. 

The goal at the end of a reverse diet phase is to exceed the daily amount of calories that you were previously eating. This will make a future cutting phase considerably easier and set you up for success.

Calories and macros are analogous to a financial budget. Making $3,000 a month provides you with the ability to cover expenses as well as some discretionary purchases, as opposed to making $1,000 a month which will be hard just to cover expenses. Cutting 50 calories from 3,000 to create a deficit is much easier than cutting 50 from 1,000.