“When I reached out to Emma I had been trying for months to drop some extra weight I had gained over a few years. Daily workouts and low calorie diets had given me limited results and many setbacks. I had inquired about IIFYM (if it fits your macros) as I knew it was something Emma practiced. Emma offered to coach me through the process and together we started a 7 month journey that would completely change the way I approached eating. I started a workout program based on lifting and HIIT (high intensity interval training). Emma set my macros and, through weekly check-ins, adjusted them as needed based on my average weight changes and how I was feeling during my workouts. I was thoroughly impressed with Emma’s knowledge and loved her positive reinforcement and attitude. I was able to eat a lot more calories, I was still able to incorporate the foods I loved, and I no longer felt the need for “cheat days” as I wasn’t regularly deprived of anything. Emma offered tons of flexibility if I struggled and tailored my macros to my lifestyle with a good scientific base. The end result was that I lost almost 30 pounds eating plenty of food. I loved working with Emma and plan to do so again.”

Michelle Courtemanche